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In the grand tradition of the United States, the concept of UGG came to our country via another: Australia. UGG brand creator Brian Smith initially brought his sheepskin boots to southern California in the late 1970s. An avid surfer, Brian offered a luxuriously comfortable post-surf option to his naturally laid-back Californian peers, who immediately welcomed his style of casual comfort.

In the over three decades that UGG has been manufacturing quality, pretense-free shoes, they have been embraced by people all over the world in all different walks of life. Styles, finishes, and quality are seemingly limitless, and certainly only the sky can contain the now even more fashion-conscious brand that is UGG Australia.

Are you a classic tall , or a classic short ? How about bows , buttons , minis , or studs ? Would you like a suede finish…or sparkle ? Or, maybe you’re the stylish Volta (who wouldn’t want to be)? There’s no doubt about it: from the boardwalk to the wedding procession, UGG has made and continues to make a huge splash on the definition of comfort and style.

Looking for more information about sizing, materials, or keeping your UGG boots clean?  Check out our All About UGG page!