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When you think of Keen, think “everyday adventure.”  The brand that accepted the challenge of making an active sandal that actually protects your feet is synonymous with exploration in the elements and charging into life. Keen shoes inspire movement, curiosity, and adventure.

Keen's philosophy - HybridLife - centers around these two promises:

1. To be innovative. Keen strives to make each new product line better than the last. When Keen launched their first shoe, the Newport sandal, they proved that a sandal could offer toe protection, too. Now, Keen has an extensive line of new technology for their wearers—KEEN.Protect for safety, KEEN.Warm for insulation; KEEN.Dry for water resistance; KEEN.Cush for comfort, and the list goes on. KEEN knows their customers need a shoe that can tackle any challenge, which is why each style they design can do just that. 

2. To be more than a company. Keen stays true to the core values of its individuals. Keen does things differently. They encourage their employees to have fun at work. They give yearly to charitable organizations. They donate their time to protecting wildlife. And they create jobs by manufacturing in the United States. 

Combining their “HybridLife” mantra with engineering geared toward shoes that are meant to help us live life to the fullest, Keen has pioneered comfort and safety without sacrificing a fun and active-fashionable aesthetic.

Strap on some Keen Newport H2s and go river rafting, but before the trip is over, hop out of the float and take a quick hike. Spend a leisurely day pounding the pavement in Keen casual style. And baby, when it’s cold outside, Keen will keep your feet warm and looking great. What can’t Keen do?