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Dansko Reggie and Rylie at ShoesCentral

The comfort of wooden clogs is a long standing Scandinavian tradition, although versions of the style have been cultural staples worldwide.  Providing structured support with room for natural foot movement, generations of laborers have relied on these styles to allow long days’ work with minimal foot fatigue.  Thanks to Dansko, we can enjoy the benefits of rocker-bottom support in a variety of chic silhouettes.

The US Dansko tradition began over twenty years ago when founders Mary Cabot and Peter Kjellerup began importing the clogs they discovered on a trip to Europe.  First friends, then friends of friends, and now an entire network of comfort-conscious customers have fallen in love with the incredible relief and support offered by these shoes, and their feet couldn’t be happier!

Dansko has now expanded from their classic stapled clog collection to include heels, flats , sandals , boots and more, all focused on all-day support and optimum comfort with a fashionable flair perfect for any wardrobe.  Find your favorite Dansko style and give your feet the relief they’ve been waiting for.